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B2C shopping site that sells products of all genres such as home appliances, personal computers, household goods, apparel, books, food at low price. Service launch continued to sell low prices continuing to sell despite the late departure in 2004, and in 2010 B to C's EC site up to the largest in China. In 2013 changed domain from "360" to "".
French major mail order site. We have a wide variety of products ranging from fashion items to interior goods.
Discount chain with more than 1,500 shops across the country. Founded in 1902, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange. A wide range of products ranging from fashion to electric appliances attracts attention.
Online super service started in July 2008. A wide variety of products ranging from food and daily necessities to home electronics are popular. In 2011, we began partnership with Wal-Mart.
Ohio-based American toy manufacturer, founded in 1969. It mainly manufactures plastic toys for infants and the like.
Specialty store of baby · kids · maternity goods popular in France. Handle children's clothing, baby beds, toys and so on widely.
American catalog mail order company selling furniture and household goods. The service started in 1991, and now we distribute about 80 million catalogs.
Fashion brand operated by New York-born designer Marc Jacobs.
Online super "1st shop" started in 2011 B2C EC platform.
French casual fashion brand that handles adult clothing items and interior goods, mainly for kids and baby clothes.
America's online shop which manufactures and sells housing equipment, crime prevention goods, lighting equipment, etc. The service started in 1992, and currently deals with about 15000 kinds of merchandise.
Online shop dealing with car parts and accessories, mainly trailer hitch. Founded in 1946 based in Missouri.
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