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1688 (Alibaba) is China's largest wholesale EC site handling all kinds of items from apparel to electronic equipment, miscellaneous goods. It is operated by the Alibaba Group which manages Taobao and Tmall. 1688 is mainly for the domestic market in China, it is separated from "" for overseas market.

Taobao was the C2C marketplace established by Alibaba Group in 2003. The number of registered users is 400 million, the number of products handled is 800 million, the number of accesses per day is 60 million, boasting more than 50% share in China's EC market.

Internet auction service from America boasting the world's largest number of users. Based in San Jose, California. The service started in September 1995, and now it operates in 37 countries around the world and the number of users is close to 300 million people.
The world's largest B2C online shop which started service in the USA in July 1995. Based in Seattle, Washington, the company has services in 12 countries around the world. Originally handled mainly by books, now it has a wide variety of items such as home electronics and fashion.
B2C shopping site that sells products of all genres such as home appliances, personal computers, household goods, apparel, books, food at low price. Service launch continued to sell low prices continuing to sell despite the late departure in 2004, and in 2010 B to C's EC site up to the largest in China. In 2013 changed domain from "360" to "".

Popular market site in the United States dealing handmade items such as accessories and clothes. You can purchase one point or a unique item of small volume production directly from the producer.

China's largest BtoC shopping site established in November 1999. We sell more than 1 million kinds of products to general miscellaneous goods, mainly books and CDs. December 2010 Listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Amazon UK
A shopping site that Amazons develop in English mainly in England. It occupies the largest share of British domestic B2C site. Garden supplies, interior goods, etc. have items unique to the UK.

In August 2004, the Amazon bought a Chinese shopping site dominant network and started service. Sales of more than 2.6 million kinds of products in 28 genres such as books, home electronics, apparel, foods, etc. We have developed our own distribution network and quickly realized payment on delivery service in China.

Disney Store
The official shop of Disney store in the US.

America's largest toy retail chain founded in 1948 based in New Jersey. About 1,650 stores are deployed in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe etc.

A select shop that proposes fashion for teens with music and pop culture as the theme. It is based in California State and stores about 650 stores in the USA.

Musician's Friend
It is one of the largest musical instruments / music equipment specialized website in the USA. We deal not only new items but also used items.

Oriental Trading
Catalog sales company such as novelty goods, party goods, toys etc. Founded in 1932 based in Nebraska state. One of America's most historic wholesale companies.
America's online shop specializing in lingerie, costume, rave wear and so on.
Costume special site such as Halloween and costumes party.

Website operated by "The Hut Group" based in Cheshire, England. We sell living goods with unique ideas and designs.
America's online shop selling instruments, acoustic equipment, recording equipment, DJ equipment, etc.

Guitar Center
America's largest instrument sales retail chain founded in California in 1959. About 256 stores are deployed throughout the United States.
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