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The world's largest B2C online shop which started service in the USA in July 1995. Based in Seattle, Washington, the company has services in 12 countries around the world. Originally handled mainly by books, now it has a wide variety of items such as home electronics and fashion.

eBay Canada
A Canadian version of the world's largest shopping platform auction site "eBay".

The world's largest supermarket chain headquartered in Arkansas, USA. In the online shop, we deal with a wide range of items such as clothing, electric appliances and food items.

Amazon UK
A shopping site that Amazons develop in English mainly in England. It occupies the largest share of British domestic B2C site. Garden supplies, interior goods, etc. have items unique to the UK.

In August 2004, the Amazon bought a Chinese shopping site dominant network and started service. Sales of more than 2.6 million kinds of products in 28 genres such as books, home electronics, apparel, foods, etc. We have developed our own distribution network and quickly realized payment on delivery service in China.

Disney Store
The official shop of Disney store in the US.

A membership supermarket with headquarters in Washington State, USA. Founded in 1976, it currently has about 450 stores in the US and about 180 stores in other countries.

eBay UK
The largest auction site in the world eBay is a service developed in the UK. It occupies the largest share of the UK EC site. Many items unique to the UK such as antiques and fashion items.
America's online shop specializing in selling fabrics. Started wholesale sales of fabric as "Phoenix Textiles" in 1993, and started on-line sales in 1999.

One of the few handmade craft specialty online markets in China.

Lifestyle brand developed by Urban Outfitters. Women's apparel, accessories, interior goods etc. are sold. About 175 stores opened all over the country.

C2C shopping platform affiliated with "Rising" that operates China's largest instant messenger QQ. Originally there were many auction form listings but now it is focused on sales at fixed prices.

the uk edit
Website operated by "The Hut Group" based in Cheshire, England. A British editor sells recommended items.

A retail store dealing with paper products and stationery for American craft · wrapping. It opened the first store in Chicago in 1983, and currently has more than 70 stores in the US.
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