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Legal Terms for Online Sales / Import Square

Company Name Import Square
Person in Charge Interlane Inc.
Location 10130 SW Nimbus Ave, D7, Portland, OR 97223
Phone 5037473049
Fees other than item prices Agency's commission, local local shipping fees and international shipping fee are required. If other costs are necessary, we will inform you in advance. Remittance fee for bank transfer or credit card payment, tax such as customs duties and consumption tax etc, special expenses for importing must be paid by customer. The applied exchange rate includes exchange fee and system usage fee.
Way of inspectionAll our products arriving at the overseas distribution center are free simple inspections conducted by our staff.

● Simple inspection work content
· Whether the order contents requested by us are consistent with the delivery slips of arrival items (※ Confirmation by looking at the photos of the site is not included)
· Easy appearance comparison of whether the delivery slip matches the quantity, size, color etc of the product (※ If there are many quantities, if doing dozens of clothes etc, do it for all items You can not)
· There is no damage etc. on the appearance

● Work not done
· Operation confirmation of electric products
· Unpacking the product, opening it and inspecting the contents after taking it out. If the packing condition from the shop such as electric appliances is good, we will not unpack and confirm the item contents.
· Inspection of non-defective product / defective product of product, or inspection of product itself such as fray of clothes
· Make sure that all the parts such as toys that need assembly are all included
· Confirmation when there are obviously many detailed contents and quantities that will judge that inspecting work is also impossible
Confirmation of products that can not be confirmed without complicated goods and expert knowledge.

● Note) Please note below
· As regards the quality of goods, we do not have any responsibility.
· If the slip is not included in the product, it may not be possible to perform sufficient inspection.
· When your luggage is second - hand goods or when it is difficult to discriminate the product, there is a limit to inspection.
· The difference in shape, color, color scheme etc of the product is your risk.
· Please understand beforehand that there is considerable risk with regard to things that may be damaged.
· We promise not to make any mistake or defective product discovery, it does not guarantee.

● Remarks
* When you find a mistake when the item reaches our local delivery center:
· In the case of a leave service: We will perform returns and exchanging procedures with the ordering site on behalf of the customer.
· In the case of transfer service: We will contact you to that effect so please contact the customer yourself.
* Please inform us when you wish to specially inspect goods beforehand at the time of application. We will respond with a fee. (It may not be possible to accept complex inspections)
* Returns or exchanges due to product differences after receipt of goods becomes a new assistance project, separately fees, postage, various expenses will be charged.
Storage Period and CostAfter free storage period 90 days have passed since items arrival, storage fee of 1.00ドル per day will be charged. Also even after 180 days have passed since items arrival and the 2nd billing has not been paid, we will discard the items.
Storage PolicyThe storage time limit for arrival items is 3 weeks. If the storage period has passed, a warehouse cost of 100 yen per day will occur.
Return or Exchange of itemsWe are not responsible for quality of product.
Refund policyRefund to Paypal.
Delivery TimeAfter checking the inspection, we will ship internationally within 2 business days.
Payment methodBank Transfer(ジャパンネット銀行)、PayPal(Credit Card)
Payment Deadline Please pay within 1 week from notice of estimate completion and items arrival. If you do not pay by the deadline without contacting us, we may cancel the corresponding orders.
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Exchange Rate
1GBP = 1.2623USD
1EUR = 1.1295USD
1CNY = 0.1428USD
1HKD = 0.129USD
1JPY = 0.0094USD
Updated on Jul 12th, 2020
Currency exchange fees will be added to the applied rate for agency service. You can check the applied rate of each agency on this page.