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Import Square's basic information


Dec 27th, 2017

Basic Information

Import Square
Import Square is located in Portland, OR USA. We ship all over the world with our discount shipping rate. Our experience over 10 years assure you secure handling and shipping of your order item.
Base Area USA
Location 10130 SW Nimbus Ave, D7, Portland, OR 97223
Areas in charge USA
Available Service Purchase Service / Forward Service
Payment method Bank Transfer(ジャパンネット銀行)PayPal(Credit Card)

Applied Rate

Updated on Nov 15th, 2018

This is the rate which includes exchange fee and system fee. The rate on the day of agency service application will be applied to the 1st billing and the rate on the day of 2nd billing will be applied to international shipping fees.

1USD = 1.05USD


You can select a plan when applying for the Agency service.

Plan NameAreaService
Package Forwarding ServiceUSAForward Service
Full serviceUSAPurchase Service

International Shipping

For the international shipping method, the customer select a preference from speed priority or cost priority at the time of agency service application, and the agency in charge will select the optimum one according to the applied items.

Shipping CompanyDelivery Days
Yamato International ExpressApprox 3 - 5 days
Fedex ConsolidateApprox 4 - 5 days
DHL Worldwide ExpressApprox 3 - 5 days
USPSApprox 7 - 15 days
FEDEX FreightApprox 3 - 5 days
Germany(DHL FEDEX)-
DHL Express Zone AApprox 3 - 5 days
DHL Express Zone BApprox 3 - 5 days
DHL Express zone CApprox 3 - 5 days
DHL Express zone DApprox 3 - 5 days
DHL Express zone EApprox 3 - 5 days
DHL Express zone FApprox 3 - 5 days
DHL Express zone GApprox 3 - 5 days
DHL Express zone HApprox 3 - 5 days
DHL Express zone IApprox 3 - 5 days
DHL Express zone JApprox 3 - 5 days
DHL Express zone KApprox 3 - 5 days
DHL Express zone LApprox 3 - 5 days
DHL Express zone MApprox 3 - 5 days
DHL Express zone NApprox 3 - 5 days

Business Calendar

The red background days are closed and it is not possible to purchase and ship items nor respond to inquiries.

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Jan 2019
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Exchange Rate
1GBP = 1.3004USD
1EUR = 1.1312USD
1CNY = 0.1439USD
1HKD = 0.1277USD
1JPY = 0.0088USD
Updated on Nov 15th, 2018
Currency exchange fees will be added to the applied rate for agency service. You can check the applied rate of each agency on this page.