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About BUYFY Tool

Please see about BUYFY APP, if you are using a smartphone.

This page will guide you on how to find items on foreign eCommerce sites using BUYFY TOOL.

About BUYFY tool

When searching for items on overseas eCommerce sites, please use BUYFY tool. By using BUYFY tool you can search items in English and apply for agency service on registered eCommerce sites as well as sites that you have added.

English Item Search

You can search items in English on eCommerce sites of 7 different languages such as French and Chinese. Even if you are not familiar with the language of a particular site, you can now quickly search for items without the use of a dictionary or translation site.

Add items to cart

You can add items you found on foreign eCommerce sites directly into the BUYFY cart. Afterwards, with just a few simple procedures you can apply items in your cart for Purchase or Forward service.

Item Clipping

If you found an item you like on a foreign eCommerce site, you can save the item information using My Clip feature. This is very convenient for comparing and considering items across several different eCommerce sites.

Installing BUYFY TOOL

Install bookmark or browser extension

BUYFY tool is provided as a bookmarklet and a browser add-on. It may not work properly on a smartphone, so we recommend that you use it on a computer or tablet. Please install BUYFY tool from the following link after signing in as a member. For those who wish to order items on eCommerce sites other than eBay or Amazon using a smartphone, please use BUYFY APP.

Tool ID Setting

In case of using extension of browser, setting of tool ID is necessary. Please open the option page of the extension first. For details on how to open the option page, please check the help page of each browser. Your tool ID is shown on Registered information of My page.

How to use BUYFY TOOL

Item search by BUYFY TOOL

Access an eCommerce site, and click on the BUYFY tool in the toolbar, then a pop-up panel will be displayed. After entering English keywords click the search button, and the translation and search process will begin.
Depending on the eCommerce site, your search may not automatically begin. In that case, click the search button of the eCommerce site after your translation results are input into the eCommerce search box.

Adding items to cart and clipping

When you found an item you like, move on to the item detail page of the eCommerce site. After you execute BUYFY tool on the item detail page, it will begin acquiring the item information. To apply the item for agency service, select options if any, enter the quantity, and then click on 'ADD TO CART'. If you do not apply immediately, you can click on 'CLIP' to save it on My Clip.
Depending on the eCommerce site, the item information may not be properly acquired. In that case, please switch to manual input, and input the item information manually.

Enter options manually

Depending on the eCommerce site, options such as color and size may not be acquired automatically. In that case, if you click "+" on the right side of the quantity, the input field will be displayed so please input them manually. Please enter the option in the local language as displayed on the eCommerce site or click the mark on the right side of the input column and select the value from the eCommerce site. If there are multiple options, please add an input field as needed. If you purchase items repeatedly from the same eCommerce site, by adjusting BUYFY tool in the following way, you do not need to manually enter them every time.

Customize BUYFY TOOL


BUYFY tool may not work properly on some eCommerce sites. In that case, by adjusting BUYFY tool, you can have it work properly again. In order to begin adjusting, click the button at the bottom right of the panel. Tool adjusting has two options, 'Adjust Item Search' and 'Adjust Item Info Fetch'. After selecting the option, follow the instructions and conduct adjusting.

Add eCommerce sites by yourself

In case you want to use BUYFY tool on other eCommerce sites than Registered eCommerce sites, you have to add the eCommerce site first. You can add any eCommerce site as long as it matches the areas (USA / UK / Europe / China) and languages (Japanese / French / Germany / Spanish / Italian / Simplified Chinese). When you add an eCommerce site, please read through the policy for eCommerce site addition. If you add an eCommerce site by yourself, you have to adjust BUYFY tool before you use the tool first time.

Site Setting

Normally, the purchase area and language are set automatically, but you can change the purchase area and language for each site. Click "Site Setting" at the bottom of the panel. To return to the original setting, set as "Auto" again. Also, on some sites search may not work properly. In that case, set "Search Start" to "Manual" and manually copy the search results to the site search box.

Special Features for add-on

Loading through the shortcut key

When using add-on, you can call up BUYFY tool through a shortcut key (Ctrl+Shift+F).

Setting auto-loading URLs

Using add-on, you can have BUYFY tool automatically loaded for specific eCommerce sites. Refer to the next section to open the settings page for add-on, and set the URLs of the eCommerce sites on which you want BUYFY tool to start automatically. You can designate up to 5 URLs. You need to at least include the domain name in the URL, as in the example of ''. (i.e, registering simply 'ebay' will not work.) You can also include a sub-domain such as ''.

How to open the add-on option page in your browser

[Google Crome]
Open the option page for BUYFY tool from 'Google Chrome Setting' > 'Setting' > 'Add-on'. You can open the option page by right-clicking on the BUYFY tool icon at the tool bar.
[Mozilla Firefox]
Select 'Add-on' from the menu button, then open the option page for BUYFY tool from the Add-on tab.
Select 'Setting' from the menu button, then open the option page for BUYFY tool from the Add-on tab.

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