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Searching Items on BUYFY

This page will guide you on how to find items on BUYFY.

Regarding items that can be searched on BUYFY

BUYFY makes it possible to directly search for items sold on eBay and Amazon, the world's two largest shopping platforms. Select EXPLORE EBAY or EXPLORE AMAZON from the main menu and then choose a category, or directly enter keywords into the search window at the top of the page. In the search window, in addition to entering English keywords, you can also search for a item by entering the eBay or Amazon item detail page URL.

Filtering Items

If you do a keyword search or select a category, a list of search results from eBay and Amazon is displayed. The search results can be further filtered based on conditions such as the sales style, sales area, and price. The number of search results and filter conditions for eBay and Amazon differ. If you click a item image in the list of search results, the item detail page will be displayed.

Confirm item details

Detail pages show specific information about each item, including the selling price, seller information, seller location, listed date. Note that the selling price differs depending on the color, size, and other options. If you want to see more details, click 'CHECK SALES PAGE' to go to the original sales page on eBay or Amazon.

Add items to your cart

To apply for BUYFY's agency service, first add an item to your cart from the item detail page. Select the size, color, and any other available options, enter the quantity, and then click 'ADD TO CART' to add the item to your cart. If you do not apply for the agency service immediately, you can click on 'CLIP' to add the item to My Clip so that you can compare the item to others.

About eBay item location

Before applying agency service for an eBay item, please make sure to check the item location. For example, there are many items from China listed on eBay USA. If you apply for such an item, because it first goes from China to an American agency before delivered to you, the shipping might take longer time or shipping cost become more expensive than usual. Because same item is listed on the eBay sites of multiple countries, please use a site that is as close to the item location as possible.

About My Clip

My Clip is a function that makes it possible to save item information on BUYFY so that you can compare items from multiple eCommerce sites. Items saved in My Clip can be organized using folders or managed through searches by various conditions, and you can directly apply for agency service from the My Clip page.

Add items to My Clip

To clip an eBay or Amazon item found on BUYFY, click 'CLIP' on the item detail page. To clip an item from other eCommerce sites, execute BUYFY tool on the item detail page of the site, and then click 'CLIP' button in the pop-up panel. If you can not use BUYFY tool, please clip items by using 'URL CLIP' at the upper right corner of the page.

Confirm items on My Clip

On My Clip, you can filter clipped items by area, eCommerce site, keywords, and other conditions, and sort them by selling price, clipped time etc. If you click an item image, a pop-up window will appear and you can see the details of the clipped item there. As you can directly add the item to your cart from this window, item clipping makes application process shorter, especially in case you apply for the same items repeatedly.

Use folders

On My Clip, you can add folders to organize items. To add a new folder, visit Organize folders from the button at the upper right corner of the My Clip page, and then click on 'ADD'. Enter the folder name, and then click the check mark at the right to finish adding the folder. To add an item to a folder, move the mouse cursor over the item, and then drag the mark that is displayed to the upper left to the folder.
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