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What you can do with BUYFY App

By using BUYFY App, you can execute English item search on Foreign E-commerce sites, and apply for agency service of BUYFY with easy steps. Currently, BUYFY App is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. You can download BUYFY App from the link below, and it is free of charge. If you are using a PC or tablet device, please use BUYFY tool which is provided as add-on of browser or bookmarklet instead.

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How to use BUYFY App

Searching E-commerce sites

Open E-commerce site list by touching the leftmost button. On this page, you can search E-commerce sites by area, category and keywords. If you touch 'OPEN THIS SITE' button in the search result, you can open the corresponding E-commerce site in a separate layer. In case you can not find a particular site you look for, you can add the site by yourself. In this case, first search for the site and confirm it is not registered, then proceed to registration by touching 'ADD A SITE' button which will appear in the search result. For the detail of E-commerce site registration, please refer to About BUYFY tool.

Add a E-commerce site to Favorite list

You can add E-commerce sites you use frequently to your favorite list. To open your favorite list, please touch the 2nd button from left. It is possible to sort E-commerce sites in your favorite list by dragging the mark on the top left corner of each site. You can remove a E-commerce site from your favorite list by touching the mark on the top right corner of each site.

How to search items

After opening an E-commerce site and the page is fully loaded, you can open item search panel by touching the 3rd button from left. Please enter English keywords separated with spaces in the search box. When you touch the search start button, the keywords will be translated, and then item search will begin. If item search does not work properly, you need to adjust the app. The item search of the app works almost same as BUYFY tool, so please also see About BUYFY tool.

How to add items to cart

In order to add an item to your cart, please open the item details page of the item on the E-commerce site. Item details page is the page which has 'ADD TO CART' button and the detailed information of the individual item. After the page is completely loaded, touch the 3rd button from right to start acquiring the item information. When the cart addition panel opens, after inputting the color and size options and quantity, touch 'ADD TO CART' button. If you do not want to submit an application immediately but want to compare the item with other items, you can save it on My Clip by touching 'CLIP' button. Touch the 2nd button from right to open the currently displayed page with the default browser. Please use it when you want to translate the page and etc. Touch the rightmost button to close the E-commerce site layer.

Open a page with BUYFY App

If you want to open a page of an e-commerce site with BUYFY App, please open share function of your browser and then select BUYFY App. If the e-commerce site is registered on BUYFY, the page will be displayed on BUYFY App. If the e-commerce site is not registered on BUYFY, new registration form will open so please register the e-commerce site first.

How to apply for Agency service

In order apply for agency service from BUYFY App, touch the 3rd button from left and check the items in the cart first. Then touch 'APPLY FOR AGENCY SERVICE' button to proceed to the application page which opens with the default browser. Please submit the application by referring to Applying for Agency service. Since the order you applied from BUYFY App is also managed in the same way as other orders, please confirm the order progress from 'My Page' of BUYFY website.

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1GBP = 1.3079USD
1EUR = 1.1382USD
1CNY = 0.1472USD
1HKD = 0.1275USD
1JPY = 0.0091USD
Updated on Jan 24th, 2019
Currency exchange fees will be added to the applied rate for agency service. You can check the applied rate of each agency on this page.