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Private import from foreign eCommerce sites
becomes cheaper and easier than ever.

BUYFY is a web service that supports private import from foreign eCommerce sites. By using a special search tool offered by BUYFY, you can easily find and purchase items from various eCommerce sites across the world. Member registration and use of the service is free of charge. (If you apply for agency service, predetermined agency commission is necessary.)

Not only for eBay and Amazon.
You can explore any eCommerce sites across the world.

By using BUYFY, you can execute English item search and apply for agency service not only on major sites such as eBay and Amazon, but also on almost all eCommerce sites, as long as they are in the following 6 languages; English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. In addition to searching through the already registered eCommerce sites, it is possible to add your own favorite sites as well. There are two methods given below to find products through BUYFY.

Agency service makes it easy to purchase items.
You can apply to agencies around the world.

BUYFY makes it possible to apply for agency services to agencies based on various countries across the world. By applying agency service, a selected agency will carry out purchase of items and international shipping etc on behalf of you. Therefore it is possible for anybody to enjoy private import. It is very easy to apply for agency service as the process is simple and similar to normal online shopping, you just add desired items to your cart and submit an order.

Purchase service and forward service.
You can select a method according to your needs.

There are two types of agency service, Purchase service and Forward service. Purchase service leaves everything to do with ordering in the hands of the agency, allowing even newcomers to use the personal importing services easily. Forward service requires customers to personally make arrangements for the items from the overseas eCommerce sites, and as such, is for use by those who are familiar with personal imports.

Purchase Service
Request from item purchasing to international shipping altogether
Forward Service
Purchase items by yourself, request international shipping
Feature The agency in charge carries out item purchasing and international shipping. After submitting an application, customer can leave all necessary tasks to the agency. Customer purchases items and the agency in charge carries out the international shipping of the items. Customer must purchase items directly from eCommerce sites, but the agency commission is relatively less expensive.
Language You can correspond with agencies all in English throughout ordering process. Understanding local languages is necessary when registering as member or ordering on eCommerce sites.
Payment All fees are to be paid to the agency in charge, normally by credit card. Item price and local local shipping fees are to be paid to eCommerce sites by credit card. The agency commission and international shipping fees are to be paid to the agency in charge, normally by credit card.

Purchasing/forwarding status is updated in real time.
Provides a system specialized for agency service.

If you apply for an agency service, you can check the progress of the order in real time from the customer's My Page. Customers are not required to do simple operations in accordance with guidance when checking estimate or requesting international shipping. In addition, you can contact agency company in English at any time while ordering, so you can proceed with orders easily.

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Exchange Rate
1GBP = 1.2189USD
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1CNY = 0.1401USD
1HKD = 0.1289USD
1JPY = 0.0093USD
Updated on May 26th, 2020
Currency exchange fees will be added to the applied rate for agency service. You can check the applied rate of each agency on this page.